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Financial Inclusion in Nigeria Shadow Economy: Strategic Issues and Options

The shadow economy is the last hope of the common masses by absorbing a significant fraction of the populace that are not adequately captured in the formal sector. Many agencies have shown discontent about this sector and hence have veered from supportive to antagonistic role with divergence reasons. Hence Firms in the shadow sector face a number of challenges that can hamper its operations and growth. It is on these backdrops that it is expedient to access strategic issues and options in financial inclusion of the shadow economy in Nigeria using Lewis development theory as framework. The study employed secondary sources of data which was analysed using descriptive statistics. And conclude the future of financial inclusion drive lies in the coffers of electronic channel or payment system. There is need to explore the potential of Digital Financial Services (DFS) market in Nigeria and Know Your Customer requirements should be tailored to take care of the prevailing realities in some areas. JEL-CODE: O17, O5, D78, H2 Keyword - Informal, Financial, Inclusion Economy