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Conceptual Draft of Relative Abruptness of Diet: A Thematic Approach

The purpose of the manuscript was to present and ideal thematic concept of effects of diet on variants of conditions and optional planning to improve the quality of life. Following a healthy eating plan -- one which emphasizes many fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean proteins, as well as low levels of saturated and trans fats and low cholesterol, sodium and sugar -- contributes to weight maintenance. Staying within your recommended daily calorie intake and eating moderately sized meals also helps you maintain a healthy weight throughout your life. A healthy weight is linked to a reduced risk of many debilitating, chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as improved self-esteem and mental state. Maintaining a healthy weight is also linked to a lower incidence of depression, meaning healthy eating can help significantly improve the quality of your life. Key words- Diet, Activity, Energy level and Conditions