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Study Effective Factors On Banking Ceredits Occupation Creation In Smes In Animal Husbandary And Animal Product Part (A Case Study In Kohgiluye & Buyerahmad Province)

In recent times, small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) have come into the forefront of development agenda due to the recognition of their contribution in fostering growth, sustaining global economic recovery, generating employment and reducing poverty. The purpose of this study pathology problems and challenges facing small and medium enterprises sector, livestock, industry and creating entrepreneurial opportunities in rural areas of the province that received banking ceredits. The population of the study, 120 small and medium enterprises related to the livestock and poultry in the province.The sample according to the method of Morgan and krejcie were randomly selected. The research way in this descriptive - analytic research is based on library studies and data is collected by means of asking questions and also is analyzed by spss software. Finding results from researching say that equal guess of importance of the all problems from the answerers’ view is repudiated.Tested problems and challenges with deferent grades are effective on weakening the development of the SMEs. The problem of transport system with an average 5.42 possesses the maximum effects and Lack of liquidity to continue operating & inadequate information on production and markets in sequence with averages 5.13 and 5.02 are in the next ranks and the minimum effect based on their view is related to the inadequate information on production and markets with the average 2.65 Keywords- Small and Medium Enterprises, Employment, Credit, Livestok