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Ideological traits of kannada dalit poetry

Paper analyses the importance of Kannada Dalit poetry in Indian literature history, in general, witnessed a tradition of resistance to centuries old inhuman practice of untouchability in particular, Kannada Dalit Poetry tradition has a significant place in articulating the satanic practice of untouchability in the human history. It has consistently upheld democratic values. Kannada Dalit Poetry, as the inheritor of this tradition has extended the vistas and has immensely contributed to the world of Literature. Kannada Dalit Poetry has a long cultural history. From Folk to vachana to modern Kannada literature, protest poetry tradition has extended and culminated in the new Dalit poetry genre. Dalit poetry imbibed and internalized the great tradition of Kannada, and began to articulate forcefully after its exposure to modern era, especially the second half of 20th century. Kannada Dalit poetry was heavily influenced by American Black movement, Marathi Dalit Panthers movement and Digambara literary movement of Telugu. It identified itself with all the exploited and marginalized communities, though it began chiefly as a movement of Untouchable Dalit. Paper also explores the impact of various ideologies of individuals on Dalit poetry, and how social movements are influenced by Dalit poetry and vice versa, in particular become a new folk poetry in society.