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Status And Potential Of Science-Intensive Industries Of Kazakhstan

Nowadays in economics of many countries constant changes take place. Process of launching mass production of the most important human goods and services, which have recently been in a raw of rare and luxury ones, has been acting for a long time. Because of technological progress and development of economic relations organization producing goods in more profitable way become possible attracting the optimal amount of resources and placing them in the most favorable geographic areas. After analyzing the current state of knowledge-based industries in the Republic of Kazakhstan, we came to the conclusion that high-tech production in the country is virtually absent. Volume of science financing in Kazakhstan is about 0.2% of GDP, which is insufficient. But the country welcomes the steps taken to expand the high-tech industry. In this connection, in the Message "Kazakhstan's way - 2050: The overarching goal, common interests, common future" of Nursultan Nazarbayev the Presidend of Kazakhstan to the people of country stated that coming decades pose lots of challenges and lots of unexpected situations, new crises in the global markets and in the world policy. Index Terms- Innovations, Research intensity, Research and Development (R&D), High-tech industries