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Role of Kabir Das Dohas for Ensuring Communal Harmony and Peace in Contemporary Era

There is no dearth of intellectual individuals in the world; most of the individuals are enlightened in their lives through access of the knowledge. However, the lives of the people have turned miserable only because they are involved in one or the other conflicts. The contemporary society is in dire need of the social reformer teachings in order to achieve communal harmony and Universal peace in the world, An Indian Sant ‘Kabir Das’ is an eminent personality a great social reformer in the country whose Dohas have the ability to reach the larger masses in the current ideological conflict, turmoil world. Through his powerful Dohas (Poems) he has appealed the people from the different religion as well as sects that all the people are equal even when they look different at the superficial. His one of the Dohas can be opt in the present context. The gist of the poems can be translated as “He is Mahadev, Mumammed, Brahma; He is only Adam”. The almighty is one in this world. However, the followers (the people in the world) have named Him differently. Such as Hindu named Mahadev and also Brahma; Muslim named Muhammed and the other religions named the almighty differently. The present paper is a critical analysis and applicability Kabir Das Dohas in reaching the communal harmony and peace in the contemporary world specially in India, as series of rational thinkers being murdered Key words – Kabir Das, Doha, Harmony and peace, conflict and contradictions.