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A Study of Popular Political Participation in Ngoaw Sub-District Ranong Province, Thailand

This study examines popular political participation in Ngoaw sub-district, Ranong province, Thailand. The purpose is to 1) Study knowledge levels and understanding of the functions of the constitution, and 2) to examine the sources of knowledge and motivations for political participation. The research strategies that relate to these objectives are a literature review about political participation and the content of the Thai constitution, especially in regards to the right of Thai people in local management, and a sample survey consisting of 376 samples from 6,451 people. The major findings are: 1) The samples show a moderate level of knowledge regarding the Thai Constitution and local political participation. They report, however, a low level of participation in local government. 2) The factors that affect the level of participation are gender, educational level, group membership, and media consumption regarding the Thai constitution and local governance. Keywords- constitution, decentralization management.