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Business Intelligence (BI) Analysis and Information, The New Role of Enhancing and Complementing the Internship Program of Students from Information Technology Program

Internship program, a final vital course for most study programs in term of integrating and demonstrating a body of knowledge to the real professional work domain. Most schools adopt this program and put it in a very high priority due to its significance and core value. This study deployed an open-source Business Intelligence software to handle a set of cumulative data for the past 4 years, more than 400 students involved and interpreted it into graphical results. This research applied Business Intelligence techniques or BI with its analytical capability and provide multi-dimensional and multi-pivotal reports regarding internship performance of IT students. Moreover, many insightful strategies for interns to work in the organizations were predicted and proposed in this work as well. Key Words- Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Internship Program, Management