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Smart Green Roof Design in Residential Buildings Approach to Optimizing Energy Consumption

According to industrial developments and technology progress, human have been forced to use nonrenewable energies and fossil fuels to facilitate life and comfort. In the other hand, Excessive use of these sources has caused some problems such as environmental pollution, changes in the Earth's climate, as well as the natural state of the earth and forests; So that the trees and green spaces in the cities are replaced by buildings day by day that is made cities more polluted, because the sources of air purification are the trees and forests which human eliminate brutally them for their economic gain; Energy sources such as fossil fuels, which human beings are aware of the pollution created by these resources, are using very much while they are limited and we get closer to the end of them. On the other side, we cannot ignore the need for oxygen and the green space to meet the physical and mental needs and to survive. Thus, we are faced with two major issues: First, the green spaces that were destroyed in the cities must be restored to provide per capita requirement of each person to the green space and reducing environmental pollution by planting the trees and secondly, the amount of nonrenewable energy consumption decreases. Since residential buildings have the largest share in energy consumption and waste it, and the people spend most of their time in residential buildings, replacing green space in the roof of residential buildings as a roof garden or green roof with the aim of optimizing energy consumption can be one of the best possible solutions to the problems that have arisen; An important issue at this stage is making them smart toward the environmental factors that make the energy consumption more optimal. Keywords- Roof Garden, Smart Building, Residential Building, Energy Efficiency Optimization.