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Applied Data Analytics for Mobile based Sports Commerce

This study presents the use of mobile commerce and the application of data analytics on Sports. This paper discusses how the emerging technologies such as m-commerce, business intelligence and data analytics can contribute to the social community and business progress. The objectives of this research are to: (1) design a mobile and web-based system that servesas a hub for the enrolees in aSports training camp, (2) access the system on various mobile devices and in any web browser, (3) have user-friendly design and easy to manage system, and (4) employ the data analytics to enhance business transactions. This study improves the registration process which makes the task of the owner and its clientele easier and faster. The proponent analysed the existing process of registration leading to the design and development of a web-based registration system with mobile application that employs Agile method where the development team perceived the method suitable for the system development. Based from the test conducted by the stakeholders, it was proved thatthe system requirements were able to meet and satisfy the needs of the Sports training camp.Among the attributes, the functionality got the highest mean with 4.39 which indicates that the system is fully functional and easy to manage. The study revealed that with the application of data analytics on sports training camp can enhance the business transactions and can manipulate data for future reference. This current research is deemed as a significant contribution to business and technological pedagogy since only a few studies have been conducted on sports data analytics. Keywords - MobileCommerce (M-Commerce),Online Registration, Training Camp, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics