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Analysis of Utilization of Library Resources using Bibliomining Technique Employing Descriptive Analytics through KDD Model

Library marks its place to be beneficial to every individual than any other sectors in the community. Library is like offering faith, hope and optimistic view of life that do not fail grasp by unseen possibilities [1]. However, support for life-long learning with its offered services needs substantial assistance from its people. Substantiation showing proof for the expenditures hike has been quite high and its burden are still underlying on the institutions’ librarians. This apprehension is multipart by the growing numbers of unutilized services and accustomed users of library. The paper illustrates the utilization of library resources and its significance into perspective challenging librarians and educators to infuse the utilization of library resources. Produced patterns captured during evaluation were evaluated using bibliomining technique in the form of descriptive data analytics through the process of KDD Model. As the leading contributor to the education system, it was analyzed that still, teachers are the most users of library resources in terms of book borrowing. Produced results of the tests will then be presented to the school librarian for future library related decision making. Some recommendations were made and emphasize the use of data mining tool to help librarians of a faster way of analyzing reports which gives importance to every bit of raw data that was gathered and save into their library database systems. Keywords - Data Mining, Bibliomining, Descriptive Analytics, Library Resources, Kdd Model