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Correlational Analysis of Senior High School Proficiency Level

Assessment is very important to determine the proficiency level of the students [23]. Using assessment like the periodical test as the basis of comparison is a lot helpful. Applying data mining in academic institution with the utilization of discovering information in the relevant data called the Educational Data Mining is useful[19]. This study applied educational data mining in examining the proficiency level of senior high school students with an aid of correlational analysis algorithm. In this paper, data was extracted from the database and use as data set. Result shows that students taking up Technical Vocational subject have a greater potential in achieving higher Mean Percentage Scores and mastered the competencies rather than those who are taking up the academic subjects. Findings shows that MPS of all subjects was attained and increased as expected. It was given emphasize as well that the number of examinees per exam has a lot of impact in the result of mean percentage score and standard deviation. Keywords - KDD, Educational Data mining, correlational algorithm, comparison, proficiency level, MPS, standard deviation