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Social Security Fund in Burundi: Making Social Security Accessible for All

Social security is attracting significant interest a basic need and should be accessible to all the population in order to ensure their wellbeing and quality of life. Many countries in Africa and the world has received much attention in recent years made social security accessible to all the population and this has increased their welfare and quality on life. Recently, the government of Burundi has embarked on a project to examine the issues related to delivery of social security services in Burundi. This topic covers pension and occupational risks areas. I argue that social security in Burundi has for many years been affordable to the elite group of people with higher incomes and thus not accessible to all. This research paper shows benefits/opportunities of extending social security for these sectors which are not yet covered by social security. The data come from a special survey carried out the report of the document Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper CSLP (2004). The results are consistent with the view that the labor market in Burundi predominated by the independent and informal sector almost 97% while 3.2% are formal workers. This paper examines the current challenges and factors necessary for implementing of social security for all and formulate policy recommendations for consideration by the government of Burundi.