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Factors Affecting The Quality Of Basic Education Area Based Assessment

The objectives of this research were to : 1) Study of factors related to educational quality. 2) study factors affecting the quality of education. The sample was basic education quality is assessed at three levels 397 school, derived by proportional Stratified Random Sampling which distributed by Region and province. The instruments were a questionnaire by the researcher. Data were analyzed with percentage, mean, standard deviation, Stepwise Multiple Regression and Content Analysis. The research findings were afollows : 1. The level of factors related to the quality of education was at a high level.When considering each side, found that school administrators are the most relevant factors in quality education.When considering each side, it was found that :School administrators are the most relevant factors in quality education. Second, the ability of the administrators to implement the educational development plan into practice and knowledge in the development of educational institutions. 2. Factors affecting the quality of the institution found that : administrators, teachers, community, students, parents, and the knowledge of educational reform are the variables that have been selected for the equation together predicted the quality of education at percentage of 70.20 with statistical significance at .05 3. Other factors that academics perceive as affecting the quality of education are:reviewing, selecting or recruiting provincial education commissioners.since many provinces do not participate in public health, police , office of the non-formal and informal education, office of the vocational education commission and other Agency Related to the school. Index terms - Level quality education, Area-based assessment