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A Summary Landscape In Ehealth Adoptionstrategy

An attempt to obtain stated business goals of an organization, senior healthcare IT leaders make use of a collection of tactics that are organic in nature in the absence to a declared strategy in the adoption of an eHealth system. The collection of tactics used and goal objectives can be considered anunintentionalstrategy in of itself, called – a theory of goal direct trial and error, where senior healthcare IT leaders select a tactic to move the organization closer to a stated goal. This theory of goal directed trial and error is essentially a holistic approach of clearly identifying and stating the goals, assessing the achievability of the stated goals, and matching clearly defined milestones with aligned metrics which communicate the success of a tactic organically to move the organization closer to its overall stated goal. In thispaper,we provide a summary landscape of current literature in strategies used in adoption of interoperable eHealth systems. In concluding we will identify the need for further research on formal strategies and the viability of a theory of goal directed trial and error as meeting the needs of all stakeholders as a formal strategy in the adoption process of interoperable eHealth systems. Keywords – eHealth; Health Information System; HIS; strategies; HIE; frameworks (key words)