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Perception on Community Volunteerism among Students of a Selected Higher Education Institution in Cavite, Philippines

Community extension service is one of the functions of the Philippine education system that can never be ignored if an educational institution purports to create a lasting impact to its society. Through this service, corporate social responsibility of an academic institution finds a relevant avenue for the fruition of its goals and objectives. Volunteerism becomes the driving force of every institution in this aspect. Consequently, this research study aimed to determine the difference in the perception about community volunteerism among Dominican students on themes: Noble Act, Sacrifice, Selfless, Service and Joy. This study utilized the descriptive-comparative design and employed the Chi-Square to determine statistical differences of their perceptions across different disciplines. There were 600 students from selected schools of the HEI who participated in this study and were gathered through stratified-random sampling. The researcher used a 27- item self-made questionnaire (α=.912) using a 4-point Likert scale. Results show that the five major themes of volunteerism are highly perceived by the students. As a result, different colleges and disciplines have different perceptions regarding volunteerism but these differences are not statistically significant (χ2=12.00, p=0.21). The School of Arts, Sciences and Education (x=3.60), School of Business and Computer Studies (x=3.54), and School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management (x=3.66) consider volunteerism as joy. On the other hand, the School of Health Science Professions perceives it as a noble act (x=3.49). Thus, college students’ perception of community extension service and volunteerism does not vary across disciplines and programs may they be in business, health sciences, arts, information technology, hospitality and services. They all perceive volunteerism as a noble act, sacrifice, selfless, service, and joy. Keywords- Community extension service, volunteerism, perception, community