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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Health Education Skills for Correct Teeth Brushing by Grade 4 Students at Anuban Samutsongkhram School

This quasi-experimental research, a one group pretest-posttest design, aimed to study the effects of Cooperative learning approach for skill to brush teeth properly. The sample consisted of 47 4th grade students at Anuban Samutsongkhram school. Data were collected before and after the intervention by using a evaluation form of brush teeth properly (Adapted from the Oral Hygiene Skill Achievement Index (S.A.I). Niedermann.R, and Sullivans, M.T.,1981). Descriptive statistics in regard to frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean, and standard deviation were used to describe the general data of the samples. Analytical statistics in regard to paired samples t-tests was employed for testing research hypotheses. The research results showed that after the intervention there was a significantly higher mean score of skill to brush teeth properly. When compared to before the experimentation (p<0.05). These finding showed that Cooperative learning approach was effective in enhancing to skill to brush teeth properly for students. The recommendation is that the teaching method should be applied for developing health education learning and other subject’s that are related to health. Key words - Cooperative Learning , Skill To Brush Teeth Properly