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Implementation And Challenges Of Erp: The Case Of Small Medium Enterprise Of Handmade Chocolate Makers In Malaysia

This study attempts to explore the issues and challenges of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation in Malaysia, particularly the Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs). An enterprise which belongs to one of the Handmade Chocolate Makers located in the State of Sabah, Malaysia has been chosen as a sample for the case study. The results revealed there is no separation of duties in handling the UBS Accounting System and UBS Inventory System. The adoption of ERP system also becoming more complicated due to the introduction Goods and Service Tax (GST) in Malaysia. Nevertheless, poor vendor maintenance and support, wrong selection of the vendor, poor Information Technology (IT) infrastructure, less trained skilled staffs and no integration of transactions-oriented data and business functions also become the contributor for those ERPs challenges. Yet, this study attempts to provide recommendation to remediate the problems to a certain level to ensure the ERP system can be operated in an efficient and effective ground. Keywords - ERP, Small Medium Enterprise, Implementation, Challenges, Recommendation