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Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Household Solid Waste Management Practices At A Rural Village In South Africa

The purpose of the study was to investigate the socio-economic factors influencing household solid waste management practices. The study adopted a quantitative approach using descriptive, cross sectional survey design. Systematic sampling was used to select 277 households and a self-administered questionnaire was used to collect data from 277 participants. Out of (n = 277) participants, 187 (67%) were females whereas 90(33%) were males. The results revealed that 100% of participants were not receiving household solid waste services from their local municipality.Majority of participants (70%) indicated that they were not paying for the municipal services citing unemployment and poor service supply on household solid waste management by the local municipality and therefore disposing household solid waste in the veld. The study recommended that rural communities should be provided with equitable, affordable and sustainable household solid waste management services. Keywords: Dumping,Littering, Recycle, Solid waste, Waste disposal