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Multi-Site Licensing of Physicians: A Comparative Study of China Vs. India Vs. USA

Recently, under the economic reform relating to healthcare delivery system, China started issuing multi-site licensing to physicians so that they can work at multiple sites rather than a single site system that was in place since 1949. This study analyzes the economic framework of this transformation using human resources allocation, and human capital accumulation theories. A major purpose of this research is to compare the Chinese system of healthcare delivery with another developing country’s system (India) which is located in Chinese neighborhood, but has a completely different economic and political system and has used multi-site licensing since its independence in 1947. Finally, the Chinese and Indian healthcare delivery system using multi-site licensing is compared to the US system which has much more vigorous private healthcare domain. This study theoretically analyzes and compares the three systems. Keywords- Physicians Multi-site Licensing, Health Care Delivery Systems, Public vs Private medical care systems, Chinese healthcare system