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The Design Of Mobile Application (APP-MFOL) For Mandarin Communication Skills

This paper is part of a larger study on an attempt to develop a mobile application for basic Mandarin communication (App-MFoL). App-MFoL is developed with the intention to assist Malay speakers to learn and acquire the Mandarin language, focusing the basic communication competencies of listening and speaking. App-MFoL applied technology enhances approaches to learn Mandarin in a more engaging manner. The development framework of App-MFoL is designed using the ADDIE Instructional Model, which is modified according to the needs of the study. ADDIE consists of five phases: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. This paper discusses the design phase in the development of App-MFoL. The design phase focuses on 4 important aspects, namely learning strategy, mobile learning features in App-Mfol, learning content, and learning motivation. Keywords- Mandarin; mobile learning; Malay speaker; listening and speaking; ADDIE.