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Corporate Social Responsibility And Performance Of SMES In Ho Chi Minh City

This paper is going to investigate impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on firm performance, in which firm performance is measured by four indicators, e.g. growth, ROE, labor cost growth, and productivity. To do this, the statistical model is deployed and estimated on database of Vietnam General Statistics Office, Therefore, the sufficient sample of 620 SMEs located in Ho Chi Minh is extracted. The result brings the interesting findings and a significant contribution to literature review, because it proves thatsocial responsibilities of SMEs with respect to labor and environment protection, e.g. labor union development in firm, insurance policies regarding health and laboring safety, all significantly confirm that the higher technology investment toward working conditions for labor and waste treatment, the higher firm performance.However, there is not enough evidence to confirm differences in CSR among firm styles and industries. Key words- Corporate Social Responsibility, labor, productivity, growth, SMEs