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Material Cataloguing For Enterprise Resource Planning: A Case Study

Material cataloguing system is a very powerful tools developed within Enterprise Resource Planning system that are used by many industries to list and manage their resources. This system is brilliant but it came with a hefty price tag and only a few small and medium-sized enterprises can afford it. Due to the complicated nature of the system and the lack of financial resources in most enterprises, the system itself becomesa hindrance that slackens the establishment of a good inventory management. The purpose of this paper is to provide a systematical review on the material cataloguing system in aiding and increase the performance of enterprises. A case study was performed to clarify what have been developed for material cataloging system that offers service and consultation to various industries. The result summaries the general material catalogue management process regarding material identification, request, review and cataloguing. The cataloguing process include to process of creating new template, generating material no. and make amendment to the existing parts in inventories. This study can be helpful in providing guidance towards the understanding of material cataloguing as a mean to store and retrieve data particularly for establishing an effective enterprise resource planning. Index Terms - Case study, Enterprise Resource Planning Material Cataloging.