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Majapahit Silver Jewelery New Product Development Strategy

Majapahit is one of the big kingdoms and the last Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in Java Island based in East Java Indonesia. One of the Majapahit Kingdom estate is Bajang Ratu Temple which located in Trowulan, nowadays called Mojokerto county, which has a philosophical meaning is in terms of function where the temple was established to honor Jayanegara. Hindu religion can not be separated with frangipani flowers as a medium of joy. About why frangipani flowers with white petals and yellow tinge more often we meet because the flowers are often planted by adherents of HinduismBy looking at opportunities for international jewelry sales then Indonesia jewelry has a chance to make a profit. In addition, Indonesia also has the opportunity to introduce Indonesian culture to the outside world, especially abroad. It is intended that Indonesian culture is also recognized internationally by showing its trademark. Therefore, an alternative way is needed to introduce the culture. One of the alternatives related to culture is jewelry. Middle East, Russia is one of the overseas areas that have the potential to be targeted, where women there are using abaya. Usually, abaya used outside the house, but when in the house, abaya released and then there are many worn luxury products. One of the luxury products is jewelry. To make products that fit the target market of Middle Eastern and Russia women author conducted data collection from various literature studies both from the internet and from books. In addition, the method of collecting images to find product placement based on trends is also done to facilitate analysis where products can enter and expand marketing. Determination of some matters related to the product is also required, namely determining product strategy, branding, visual elements, new product development process, product level, sales forecast methods, and product protocol. From these determinations, it can be obtained data where the product can be developed with appropriate marketing management in several ways that can attract consumers to the product and cultural creativity creation jewelry inspired by Majapahit kingdoms and frangipani flower is made with a more modern style and use silver material that is suitablefor women Indexterms - Jewellery,Majapahit, Middle East, Russia, Silver