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Competition Anxiety in Volleyball Players at Urban Areas of Sindh, Pakistan

Sport is believed to be one of the sources of physical, psychological, mental and social change. It is asserted that sport plays great role in socialization and success. Competitive sports demands physical, mental and emotional toughness. Such sports are more distinguished than those games which do require passiveness. Competitive sports are surrounded in the term of aggressiveness, level of competition, strength and exclusivity .It is believed as acquired behavioral predisposition which effects behavior of an individual .dealing and controlling of this psychological construct can have great impact on athletes’ performance. Athletes’ who encounter high level of anxiety are more likely to chock which in result hinder the performance. Competition anxiety has been reported as one of the most distinguishable and predominant factor in the athlete performance. Since decades it has earned much interest of researchers and sports psychologists in order to identify the reasons lying behind and to believe to be an. important construct for athlete to be able to perform during competition.. The purpose of this study was to assess the factors which cause anxiety in volleyball players. The present research revealed the various factors which influence the performance of volleyball players. The study explored through interviews and survey. To triangulate the data, volleyball players of urban areas of Sindh province were interviewed using the sports competition anxiety test (SCAT).Players were asked to rank various factors that affect competition anxiety. The study was conducted in the cities of sindh province named Hyderabad, Karachi and mirpurkhaas. The participants were 200 in number. All participants were players of volleyball game only, ranged from 16 to 20 years. The findings witnessed the competition anxiety high in volleyball players at public colleges of aforementioned urban areas. Keywords - Volleyball, Athlete, Setting, Competition Anxiety.