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Adverbs and their Place in English and Albanian Sentences

The aim of this research is to find out is the place of adverbs in sentences the same in English and Albanian language. By comparing and contrasting the corpus of the both languages we will try to find out numerous and diverse differences as well as similarities in both of the languages, and with the help of the corpus we will check the results coming up. Our analysis is a contrastive analysis of one language, (in this case English language), through the prism of another language (Albanian language). With the help of Levenstone’s (1965) translational’ paradigms we will try to find out if adverbs in English language change their sentence position after they are translated in Albanian language. The technique being used is the objective technique, working with the corpus, one-way translation and group test of Gjorgevic (1982). The similarity and difference of adjective placement in sentences is a very important issue in the process of translation and teaching. I personally think that speaking a language fluently and correctly it also depends from grammar knowledge including grammar rules that is why I decided to analyze the process of adverbs from a syntactic viewpoint. Keywords – Adverbs, Position, Translation Paradigms, Similarity, Diversity.