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Nutritional Status: Its Relationship to the Academic Performance in English and Mathematics of Grade 2 Pupils In Bulua Central School

One of the unending concerns and in fact, the unresolved problem of the Department of Education in the Philippines is the significant effect of nutrition among students’ performances in various academic strands. As presented in many educational surveys, the development among Filipino students when put into a scale is extremely different. However, Crosnoe (2007) noted that there are other noted societal “epidemics” which has been regarded to draw broad public attention: the failure in the Philippine educational system in sustaining the student’s interest throughout the school year and poor performance of students are sometimes connected to the underlying problem which is poor nutrition among students. Amidst the constant effort of the Department of Education with its Feeding Program campaign, Gulayansa Paaralan program and the like which aim to aid the detrimental effect to the performance of students, Filipinos are still facing a serious public health problem or the health condition of the students although DepEd has provided a set of well-defined expectancies and competencies, and teachers are trained to become competent teachers in the classroom. This research paper examined the nutrition status and its academic achievement in Mathematics and English of Grade 2 pupils in Bulua Central School, Cagayan de Oro City. Moreover, descriptive method of research was employed. It is believed that no learning takes place with an empty stomach. In other words, poor health condition greatly affects the academic performance of students. Keywords - Nutritional Status, Academic Performance, Feeding Program, Health Condition, Public Health