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Logistics Strategic for Fresh Milk Product Cost Control of Self Logistics System that Affect the Attitude of Consumer for Marketing Business Enterprises in the Thailand Industry

This research was developed with a strategy of the logistics for fresh milk products cost control and benefits economies: case study in milk production industry in Thailand. To reduce for production cost with quality control that affect the attitudes of consumers for marketing business, which the information revolution changes the way of human life, changes the enterprise market business process, and further promotes the development of economic cost information and economic globalization. Especially in the new techniques present, the rapid development of business enterprise continues to heat up, under the information of market business enterprises, the circulation of commodities, logistics, capital flow and information flow unite highly. The important part of the development of marketing business enterprises cannot be separated from the effective management and controlling of logistics costs, especially the cost with controlling of self-logistics system. The research on logistics cost management is very important for the business enterprise management. In order to survive and develop, the business enterprise according to the environment and their own development, must continuously improve of the logistics cost management method, especially find a breakthrough point in the new economic cost environment, strengthen its logistics cost controlling, with follow the trend of the times, and enhance the self-competitiveness. The article will discuss the logistics cost management status and existing problems in the self-logistics business enterprises, and put forward some suggestions. Keywords - Product Management, Cost Control, Marketing, Transportation System, Logistics Strategic.