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Mobile Game Applications (MGAS) for English Language Learning: A Guideline for Development

In the present globalised world, mastery of the English language is highly advantageous in business, politics, academia, and other arenas. Therefore, many non-English-speaking nations strive to develop their education systems to improve their students’ English proficiency. However, attempts to teach English to a high level sometimes fail. Amongst the various factors that hinder English language learning, motivation is a significant contributor, and mobile game applications have significant potential to address this challenge. However, there are currently no integrated guidelines for selecting persuasive principles to develop effective mobile game applications; therefore, the objective of this study is to establish such guidelines. We have determined key factors that can enhance students’ adoption and continued use of mobile game applications, and we propose comprehensive guidelines for mobile game application development to address the problem of student motivation. This guideline was then validated through an expert review. Keywords - Persuasive Technology, Mobile Applications, Games, English Language, M-Learning.