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Genotyping of Georgian Isolates of Entomopathogenic Fungi Beauveria Spp.

Fungal entomopathogens are known to infect a wide range of insect species from many different orders and are readily isolated from soils in various ecosystems they are a producents of toxins and biological active materials which can cause high mortality in different species of pests The genotyping isolates of entomopathogenic fungi have been studied in the various region of Georgia within our research. As a result of actuality of biopesticideproduction around the world, based on molecular characterization of strains, for the first time in Georgia have been studied Beauveria spp. local strains and carried out amplification of several fragments of DNA such as: ITS region (the rRNA gene cluster), EF1 ( the Elongation Factor 1-alpha) and (the intergenic) Bloc region. Also, results have been compared by using of computer programs (Mega6, Mafft, Blast,). The regional differences between strains were identified through phylogenetic tree. Base on conducted research was confirmed that the samples taken from the same region was located at the same clades on phylogenic tree. sequence analysis of Georgian DNA samples have been compared with gene bank data In accordance with our study, based on comparison process our strains have been located in A, and C cades. Keywords- Beauveria, Entomopathogens, DNA, Sequence..