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Investigation Of The Relationship Betweenease Of Access To Educational Facilities In The Elderly Participation Rate In Education And Life Expectancy

Nowadays, declining life expectancy and feeling of inefficient among aged people has become a significant issue in Iran.Particularly,this issue has become more important in nursing homes. Meanwhile, it seems that investigations and researches could lead to increase efficiency and life expectancy among the elderly. Although today this issue is considered in other countries around world, but so far it has not been observed in Iran, apart from little research about self-care training programs in the elderly, specific work has not been done. It is expected elderly education could be resistive and effective factors against ripe years, aging, disability and mental dissipate. It seems education for drug usageand treatment reduction, production increase and income and positive attitude in the elderly, as well as, other factors could be effective and cause to regaining dignity and social respect for elderly people. this study initially investigates relationship between life expectancy as an independent variable and elderlies education as a mediating variable, then it investigates amount and quality of the relationship between elderlies education and nursing home quality and its design as well as the ease of access to educational facilities as dependent variables and the educational participation and welcome rate of the elderlies.This study is going to demonstrate the need of new kind of design for elderly life space, where life expectancy has been increased and resident satisfaction in nursing homes is the study followed the characteristics of nursing home education from view point of psychologists, doctors and social scientists to forecast required training space and combine it with elderlylifestyle and their nursing home. Results show that if learning process implicitly become part of elderly existence, it will affect the freshness of their time and the most important criteria will leave an impression on their life expectancy development. Keywords - Education, Elderly, Educational Space, Learning, Life Expectancy, Nursing Home.