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Power Generation from Wood-Pellet Free-Piston Stirling Engine Generator

Today’s society is facing many challenges in terms of climate change which is expected to increase in the coming centuries. More challenging is how to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Such emissions pollute our atmosphere, resulting in global warming. However, the wide use of renewable energies can both help to fight against this phenomenon and reach long-term goals. Considering these issues, it is proposed in this paper a power generation system based on a renewable energy source. The power system is composed of a Free-Piston Stirling Engine Generator (FPSEG) which uses biomass, particularly, wood pellet as the heat source. The heat obtained from burning wood pellet allows driving the FPSEG in order to obtain electric power and hot water as outputs. From experimental results, up to 700W of electric power can be generated within the system. Moreover, after 1h of driving the FPSEG, a target of 200L of hot water at 45 ℃ is achieved. The obtained results from the experiments also show an efficiency of more than 90% from the engine generator which makes the system a good candidate for distributed generation. Keywords - Free-Piston, Stirling Engine, Biomass, Wood-Pelle