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Iran's Soft Power in Foreign Policy

Soft power is a word which is used in the theories of international relations in order to describe the ability of a political system such as the government. An ability which affects the behavior or interests of the other political institutions via cultural and ideological methods The concept of the unified nation, Islamic awakening and Islamic resistance were same of the concept which entered by Iran’s Islamic Revolution in the world political literature. although domestic problems, imposed war and economic sanctions were some of the problems for Iran in its way toward its higher goals but these matter couldn’t prevent Iran’s soft power from affecting the security of Middle East and Southwest Asian region. The Islamic Revolution’s main goal is to participate the Middle East nations in shaping to their destiny and reach to the democratic process and regional security. These efforts weren’t fruitless and it seems that the Arab Spring and the recent awakening in Islamic countries have been affected by Islamic Republic of Iran’s soft power .There for the main question of this research that which components of Iran’s Islamic Revolution have been effective on contemporary Islamic movements and the Arab Spring phenomena. The Hypothesis of this research is that the developments of Arab Spring and Islamic awakening in the region are inspired and affected by Iran’s Islamic Revolution and thoughts. Keyword- soft power, Iran ,Arab Revoulution, Islam