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Physical Activities And Children Connectivity To Open Spaces In High Rise Apartments

Space is the most fundamental aspect of architecture which survivaldirectly depends on place survival. The origin of the space sense is placewhich has a close relationship. Architecture space, as one of the main carriers of the art,has a prominent place in society. The place and space were raised as a main subject in both philosophy and architecture and have devoted a significant part of literature of these two aspects of human thought to themselves. It can be said that the relationship between place and space and their impact on environmental psychology of architecture is the most basic requirement to understand the architecture and the transcendental sense of space to architecture. One of the objectives of this study is to examine thecharacteristics of the place in creating architectural space, which will be dealt with. This research method is descriptive - analytic and it is based on library documents, as well as interviews with experts in this field has helped us in this way. The question ahead is how the space in architecture can affect the audience feeling and how is important the position of place in the architectural space? A space in architecture is beautiful when the special attributes of space are in harmony with space operations. This is a principle which is evident in the study of traditional architecture. Identification of useful elements inthe sense of place and space can help us in creating a successful architecture. The positive energy emitted from the architecture space to the audience is controlled by architect and he can used it. Keywords: Artspace, Place, Iranian - Islamic Architecture, Psychology of Space, Perception