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Factors Influencing the Satisfaction of Nurses in Private and Public Hospitals

Research suggests a noticeable worldwide shortage in the nursing sector due to decreased job satisfaction. This study investigates the overall job satisfaction of nurses working in private and public hospitals, in a rural area of Lebanon. Demographics and satisfaction were assessed using the self-administered Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. Six hospitals both from the public and private sectors were included in this study and resulted in the participation of a total of 108 nurses (61% response rate). Results revealed that 64% of nurses showed ‘average satisfaction’ and 36% ‘high satisfaction’ with their jobs. The mean total satisfaction of nurses was 68.32 over 100 of total satisfaction as per the Minnesota Satisfaction Manual. Demographic variables such as age, gender, and experience showed no significant differences with their relation to job satisfaction, while levels of education did. More educated nurses were less satisfied with their jobs. In contrast to what was assumed, there was no difference in the satisfaction of nurses working in the private sector in comparison to those working in the public sector. This study reveals that further improvements is needed to improve nurses’ conditions and the enhancement of their job satisfaction. Keywords - Job Satisfaction, Nurse, Hospital, Rural, Private Hospital, Public Hospital, Human Resources, Human Resource Management.