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Improving Viability Of Open Spaces Through Sustainable Planning In Cities

Urban open spaces play many non-obvious roles in constructing a society. The life quality of people in urban area is the result of social interaction with the urban environment. The cities open spaces are vigorous part of urban landscape with its own specific function. Moreover numerous ecological and environmental services, urban landscape offers important psychological and social benefits to human societies, which enrich human life with meaning and emotions. The vital concern of this research is to mention the importance of urban landscape for citizenís livability and for the sustainability of the cities. The method of research was descriptive and the information was gathered through searching scientific books and journal paper. The result provide a framework for understanding the relationship between the quality of an urban environment and sense of livability among the citizens. The physical form criteria are, a walkable community, outdoor amenities, lots of seating, barrier free and open space area in residential areas. Keywords - Liveability, City, Open Spaces, Sustainable