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Skill Influence on Employee Performance (Empirical Study of Frontlines Three Star Hotels in Jakarta)

Service industry requires its employees to give good performance such as primary service quality. Three star hotels are kind of service industry that provides services. The frontlines of those hotels play important role to give greatest quality service to their customers. High service quality cannot be separated from employee’s hard skill and soft skill. These skills of employees must be improved because most performance of the hotels is measured by the service quality and the customer satisfaction. The frontline employees of three star hotels in Jakarta-Indonesia were the respondents on this study. Primary data are collected through direct questionnaire given to 207 frontline employees three star hotels in Jakarta-Indonesia. Two independent variables are analyzed hard skill and soft skill. The dependent variable is employee performance. The study is analyzed with multiple linear regression analysis. Study objective is (1) to analyze the influence of hard skill on employee performance; (2) to analyze the influence of soft skill on employee performance; and (3) to analyze the dominant variable that influence employee performance. Result of the study indicated hard skill and soft skill have influence significantly on employee performance. Soft skill variable found as the dominant variable for its influence on employee performance. Managerial implication of this study is (1) frontlines need to manage and improve soft skill ability through more training program that deals with emotional intelligent; and (2) Frontlines should be updated with the technical skill especially for the new information technology and facilities. Keywords - hard skill, soft skill, employee performance and frontline