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Investigation of Biocompatibility Property of Porous Tinbzr Alloy

Titanium based alloys are used generally in biomedical applications due to their properties such as high strength, good biocompatibility, shape memory property, low density and corrosion resistance. In this study, porous TiNbZr alloy was produced by powder metallurgy method to be used as biomaterial. The porosity of fabricated samples is close to natural bone; also the compression strengths of the samples are higher than that of natural bone. It was seen that β and α phases were dominate in the microstructures of the sintered samples; also ´´α phase was seen as little. It was determined that the samples were biocompatibility with living tissue in leg of rat. Keywords- Powder metallurgy, TiNbZr alloy, Microstructure, Biocompatibility.