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Systematic approach for three dimensional study drawing. Hybrid ‘art+architecture’ style

This research was designed to assist difficulties issue to producing three dimensional (3D) a quality visual object among undergraduate design student at polytechnic Malaysia. Objective of this research to synthesis new systematic approach in study drawing with new symbiosis in ‘Art’ and ‘AGPD’ discipline. New systematic approach in studio practice process synthesis by informants Subject Matter Expert (SME) in 'Art' and 'Architecture Graphic Presentation Drawing' (A + AGPD). These qualitative research using visual recorded, interview, observation and imitation were used as methodology in the visualization process. Critical theory are used to analyse art work among semester 1 Diploma in Architecture and Diploma in Graphic Portfolio examination phenomenology. The organization of Line Visual Art (LVA) using boxes technique and analysed based on art elements: appearance, line, shape, form, texture and colour in order to form three dimensional illustration line drawing objects manually (3DiLDom). The model process consists of the best technique study drawing in (3DiLDOm) by using guided Edmund Burke Feldman critical theory.This study helps in the development of students’ skill in drawing ability among design courses. These new approach will contributes to the curriculum and pedagogy in drawing studio practice in design courses transformation. Index Terms -Line Visual Art (LVA), Threedimensional illustration line drawing objects manually (3DiLDom). , Architectural Graphics Presentation Drawing (AGPD)