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Effect Of Marketing Mix Strategies And Innovation Toward The Performanceof Guesthouse Business Of The Luangprabang Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

The purposes of the research were to study the opinion level of Marketing strategies and Innovation toward the Performance of Guesthouse Business of the LuangPraBang Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR). The research tool was in questionnaires format. The population was the owner, Holder and manager of guesthouse in LuangPraBang Province, Lao PDR Total 320 venues. The research was the descriptive statistics of average means, percentage and standard deviation and the path analysis. The outcomes of research revealed that the majority of entrepreneurs were male, with average age of 31-39 years old, with Lao nationality entrepreneurs, with undergraduate educational level, with the private-equity funds, the number of employees between 6-10 people, customer type were European, with status business as a business owner, with private investment, most of Business in Ban Pa Kham, with guest house size less than 20 rooms, the rooms were available for those staying in a single room/family/group tours, guest house levels during the 1-2 star accommodations, with Time in business more than 10 years and The Registered in the range of 3,125 - 15,625 dollars. Effect of Marketing mix strategies had direct effect toward innovation at the most and followed by the effect toward performance and lastly, innovation factor had direct effect toward performance Keywords - Marketing, Innovation, Performance, LuangPraBang, Tourism