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Life Satisfactionfactors of Slum Dwellers in Bhubaneswar City, Odisha – An Exploratory Study

Satisfaction is a state of life in which everybody expects to be. Indeed, all of us experience satisfaction at different levels in various modes. The present study mainly focuses to identify the satisfaction factors of slum dwellers besides knowing their demographic aspects and the reason to migrate to urban slums from rural villages. It is an exploratory study conducted through a structured questionnaire. A random sampling method was used to collect the primary data from the respondents. The questions were framed on the relevant parameters based on personal experience and interaction with the slum dwellers and the literature review from previous studies. The study reveals a surprising fact that the life satisfaction factors of the respondents is commendable irrespective of the situation in which they are placed. As per the frequency tables the data indicate results that are pertaining to the findings of the study. Out of eight variables three factors have been drawn from the factor analysis namely secured life style, secured living conditions and secured tenure. Indeed, these three factors are the underlying factors that provide life satisfaction to the slum dwellers. The further scope of the study could be done by comparing the slum dwellers of one city with another city. Key words- Life satisfaction factors, Slum dwellers, Bhubaneswar city, life style, living conditions, secured tenure