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Impact of Inflation on the Economic Growth in Ukraine

The world has witnessed the becon light of Economic Reforms in 21st Century to cope up the changing dynamics of global market economy with the bottom line that a gradual transition to market relation in the economy, with the emphasis on economic independence of enterprises, the introduction of competition mechanism, the development of all types of property and Entrepreneurship the maximum down trend in then state control on the economy. The answer to Economic Reforms has been to make incessant efforts to check the inflationary trends, which has particularly affected European countries along with the economy of the other countries. USSR a very strong world economy has been engulfed under increasing inflationary trends, as a result of major disintegration due to social, political and other reasons in too many parts viz., Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan etc. The world inflationary data shows that there has been a greater impact on the economy of Ukraine because of hyper Inflationary conditions resulting into sudden dip down in the value of money and sudden increase in the price of goods and services in all the sectors of the economy. Therefore, continuous, efforts have been made by the Economist of Ukraine to take measures to check the increasing trend of Inflation in the country. In this paper, an effort has been made by the researchers to study “Impact of Inflation on the Economic Growth and Development of Ukraine”. Key Words - Inflation, Economic growth, GDP, CPI, Money supply, Ukraine.