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The Conceptual Framework: Effect Of E-CRM, Customer-Based Service Attributes Including Relationship Quality And Outcomes Toward Customer Loyalty Of Commercial Banks In Thailand

The purpose of this literature is 1) to study electronic customer relationship management (E-CRM), customer-based attributes and relationship quality and outcomes, 2) to examine factors influencing loyalty, and 3) to explore the relationship quality as an variable leading to customer loyalty among commercial banks in Thailand. Due to the competition of large commercial banks has intensified and the development of technology in the age of globalization, various commercial banks have applied electronic customer relationship management tools through the services to gain customers loyalty to the banks. The analytical unit included 5 Thai commercial banks, namely Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited ,and Bank of Ayudhya Public Company limited. It was mixed-methods research. The questionnaire was used as an instrument tool. Then, the data were analyzed by descriptive statistics for percentage, standard deviation, and inferential statistics to analyze the causal relationship of customer loyalty among commercial banks in Thailand. Index terms - E-CRM, Customer-base Service Attributes, Service Quality, Relationship Quality, Relationship Outcomes, Customer Loyalty, Commercial Banking