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Designing Student Module for Kitweb

An intelligent tutoring system is computer software designed to simulate a human tutor’s behavior and guidance. In order to develop the software’s that present students effective instruction methods and provide education with being adapted to students, studies are carried out. Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) are designed with using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in computer programs and called cognitive tutors or Knowledge Based Tutoring Systems which can guide learners to progress in the learning process at their best and to facilitate instruction. Intelligent Tutoring Systems have revolutionized online education by providing individualized instruction tailored towards each student. Software testing is one of the most largely known and necessary field in software engineering. We present KITWEB, the Knowledge based Interactive Tutoring system for WEB application testing. KITWEB teaches different testing techniques testing as well as it gives the practical testing experience to its users. While evaluating the users the test data and testing results the system presents appropriate feedback regarding any errors in their solution. The main aim of the system is to individualize instruction towards a particular student. Keywords - Knowledge based Interactive Tutoring system for WEB application testing(KITWEB), Constraint based modeling (CBM), Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS), Bayesian Network (BN), Student Module (SM), Pedagogical Module, Report Module