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The Conceptual Framework: Causal Factors of Human Capital Influencing Dynamic Capability for Performance Success of all Provincial Electricity Authority in Thailand

The purpose of this study is to investigate the causal factors of human capital influencing the dynamic capability for performance success of all Provincial Electricity Authority in Thailand because the environment has been changed. Therefore, modern organizations need to adjust their operational strategies to fit the situation, and human resources are important factors to drive through the operational mechanism to achieve the objectives. Human resources are the capital of organizations that are both strengths and weaknesses of the organization. If human capital in the organization has the ability to learn to adjust the situation, have ability to absorb knowledge from outside the organizations to develop a product or service, these will help improve the performance of the organizations; as a result, human can create the ability to think creatively that will lead to new innovations to add value to the organizations. This study is an integrated research study of quantitative research and qualitative research by developing based on literature review, the theory of human capital, the concept of cost-benefit analysis and analysis on the basis of return on investment. Activities or projects happened for the development of human resources. It is important to take into account the added value of human being as an employee in the organization by learning through education, training and development models lead to results or productivity that the organization needs. The population consisted of 976 employees of the Provincial Electricity Authority, based on the criteria of Comrey and Lee (1992) with 500 samples who were the representatives to provide the data. Thedata were analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM) with AMOS technique. Keywords - Human Capital, Dynamic Capability, Performance Success