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The Conceptual Frame Work: Antecedences Effecting use Behavior Financial Transaction Service in Private Bank

This research aims to study the relationship of The Conceptual Frame Work: Antecedences Effecting Use Behavior Financial Transaction Service in Private Bank. Due to Thailand’s current situation, information and communication of technology is an important factor in driving economy and society through Thailand strategy 4.0 model. As a result, consumer must be aware of technology, the linking and complexity of the economy system as well as the changing of consumer’s demand which are varied according to influential factors on the development electronics payment in order to enhance the effectiveness of financial management of commercial bank which is considered to be an extensive tendency of business transaction.This research is an integrated research of quantitative and qualitative researches. It is developed from the literature review of United Theory of acceptance and use of technology: UTAUT by Venkatesk, J.L. Thong and X.Xu (2012). The research related to the extrinsic factor;benefit perception, clarification perception, attitude of use behavior, use behavioral intention and behavior on using banking financial transaction service. The sample population are five hundred consumers who use ATM, Internet Banking, and Prompt Pay service. The criteria used is Comrey and Lee (1992). Structural Equation Modeling: SEM with AMOS technique is used for data analysis. Keywords - Behavioral Intention, Use behavior, Financial Transaction Service