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The Research on Effects of Science Students Participation to The Open Campus Project

In this paper, focus on the Open Campus that the university conducts for entrance examination publicity and High schools - Universities connection, and examined from the results of the questionnaire survey about the effect of high school students learning who participated in the program and planning and operation by university students. Specifically, focus on student coordinate program ("Teach me Sensei!"). The program is from 2015 at Ehime University Faculty of Science. And a questionnaire survey for participants of the program and all participants in the open campus.As a result, in terms of learning of the participants, positive answers were more than 80% in all the 11 questions on for Fundamental Competencies for Working Persons. With regard to the items (items related to listening) that emphasized in the program, the result exceeded 90%. Although the program time was short, the results showing participants' high self-assessment were seen and it was considered that it could have provided the opportunity to raise the Fundamental Competencies for Working Persons. In the study on participation of university students at Open Campus program, significant differences were observed between 1% level in 2015 and 5% level in 2016 between the participants 'participation in the student project and the participants' overall responses. It became clear that the university student can participate in the programs and have opportunities to contact with the participants (High school students), thereby making it possible to raise motivation to go to the university more. As future tasks, in terms of learning of high school students, it is possible to conduct a survey. Prior to the start of the program, compare before and after the program, and follow up survey after the program is implemented. In addition, it is also necessary to investigate university students who participated the open campus and entered the Faculty of Science in that University. Keywords - Competency of STEM student, Open Campus Project, Carrier education, STEM education