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How Product Quality and Corporate Image Affect Customer Loyalty: an Empirical Study

This research aims to understand the impact that product/service quality and corporate image have on customer loyalty. This study refers to corporate image as the reputation in the market, positive perception in the market and word-of-mouth. On the other hand product/service quality refers to customer experience with availability and variety of products, transparency, service assurance and responsiveness. Customer loyalty refers to customers who talk positively for the company, recommend the company to others, consider it the first choice in the market and consider being a customer in the future. This research has been conducted on collecting primary data through questionnaires distributed to a sample of 100 and it is based more on numerical data and statistical analysis using SPSS Statistics through correlation and regression. Results show that service/product quality and corporate image have a positive impact on customer loyalty. Index Terms - Corporate Image, Customer Loyalty, Loyalty Benefits, Service/Product Quality.