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Purposes, Benefits, And Barriers Of Using Mobile Marketing: An Empirical Evidence From Saudi Arabia

The objective of this paper is to provide a profile of using Mobile Marketing in Saudi Arabia. It will present a descriptive analysis to the practice of Mobile Marketing. The empirical investigation that was conducted on a sample of 186 firms highlights several issues related to purposes, incentives, and the barriers to using the technique. The final results show that Mobile Marketing is still in its early stage of development. Currently, firms in Saudi Arabia utilize Mobile Marketing for business-to-business contacts. Also, mobile marketing was found to be used for many purposes. However, communication and promotion role appeared to be the most significant reason for using mobile marketing. From the other side, lack of an accurate database of customers and privacy issue found to be the most influential obstacles facing the mobile marketers in Saudi Arabia. Finally, the study reveals several implications for theory and practice relating to the future development of the mobile advertising industry in Saudi Arabia. In addition, recommendations for marketing managers, as well as directions for future research are presented. Keywords: Mobile Marketing, Marketing, Business, Saudi Arabia, Marketing Communication, Digital Marketing, Interactive Marketing.