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The Effect of Perceived Corporate Justice on Job Performance: Blue-Collar Vs White-Collar

The competitive conditions that globalization has sharpened persuade enterprises to a pursuit related with efficiency and performance. The most important way to struggle with the growing competition and to sustain the existence of the enterprise is to develop new permanent and effective strategies in this direction. It is known that achieving enterprise goals is a significant contribution to employee performance. Surveys conducted in the field show employee performances are influenced by many factors other than the traditional factors. One of these factors is the perception of organizational justice. Organizational justice is the perception that employees have developed related with the fact whether decisions regarding occupational gains such as salary, reward and promotion are fair or not. In this study, the reflection of organizational justice perception of employee on job performance is investigated in the context of blue and white staff. Within this scope, industrial enterprises operating in Ankara province were selected. The survey will be conducted by surveying the employees of the selected enterprises and the results will be analyzed. Index Terms - Organizational justice, work performance, blue-collar employee, white-collar employee